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The National Legal Education Outcomes includes three years of specific, measurable learning outcomes for legal study in order to assist law schools in designing their own assessment programs, as well as to promote discussion of the basic cognitive skills and complex abilities that new lawyers need.


The National Legal Education Outcomes expand upon knowledge-based outlines of what students should know with a detailed outline of what students should be able to do.


Desired law student skills and abilities are detailed and specific, which can be useful in designing formative assessment test questions or scoring rubrics to arrive at meaningful measurements.


This project is rooted in the collaboration of national experts in assessment, learning science and “persuasion architecture.” The American Bar Association has also issued new accreditation standards requiring law schools to adopt learning outcomes and to use formative assessment beginning in 2016.


The National Legal Education Outcomes continues the ongoing BARBRI partnership and collaboration with the legal education community to help build better students and achieve better outcomes.